PVC mesh fabric is an open weave, durable and flexible fabric. Use coated mesh in a variety of applications from tennis court screens, garden tarps, barrier fabric and much more. May not have good color fading properties, but it's meant to last. Popular due to affordability.

Most woven vinyl mesh fabric starts with a polyester yarn as the core, which is then extruded with vinyl (also known as PVC). Each yarn is individually extruded and bonded to the polyester core yarn. The PVC coating means that no moisture can reach the polyester fiber, making it extremely durable and prevents wear from freezing and thawing in cold weather.

Many of PVC mesh fabrics use 100% polyester yarns as a base, but our PVC/Olefin Blends are a little different. As their name suggests, this fabric is woven with a mix of PVC-coated polyester and soft olefin fibers to add extra softness without compromising on strength.

The strength and dimensional stability of vinyl-coated polyester mesh fabric is determined by a number of factors including the original thickness of the polyester yarn (also known as the denier), the strength (technically referred to as the “tenacity”) of the yarns, and how densely the yarns are woven together (in laymen's terms, how many yarns per inch). The thicker the yarn and the more yarns per inch, the stronger the final fabric.

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PVC mesh is used for Mesh pool fencing is the most popular and reliable safety barrier used to secure residential swimming pools. Our PVC mesh will not rip, shrink or fade, and kids can't easily break through or climb them.

In addition PVC meshs for sports, camping, hunting and fishing activities (mesh pool fence、fences, backpacks, tents, chairs, awning linings). Products for aviation, automobiles, ships and other activities (seat supports, seat belts, cargo nets, tarps, truck covers), medical supplies.