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Nong Tai Co., Ltd was established in 1976. It is a professional fabric manufacturer (outdoor furniture cloth, industrial cloth). Nongtai Company is one of the largest manufacturers in the world. It uses pure materials to manufacture various types of fabrics, any exquisite The fabric will not contain impurities, we are happy to provide wholesale and trade discounts. As a professional trade partner, you will get exclusive purchase privileges, competitive prices, customized fabric running products, sample reimbursement and personalized services provided by our excellent customer service team.

We constantly update our product line to provide solution dyed polyester fabric, olefin fabric/olefin knitted fabric/olefin webbing, print/piece dyed fabric are applicable to outdoor furniture textiles, cushion, shade, pillow, umbrella, patio chair. Indoor upholstery: PE weave wallpaper, curtain, PP/PVC weave placemat PP straw is used on: bags, luggage, purse, shoes, etc.

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