What is PVC mesh fabric?

  • PVC Mesh Fabric is an open weave, durable and flexible fabric.
  • Most woven vinyl mesh fabric starts with a polyester yarn as the core, which is then extruded with vinyl (also known as PVC).
  • Each yarn is individually extruded and bonded to the polyester core yarn.
  • This fabric is woven with a mix of PVC-coated polyester and soft olefin fibers to add extra softness without compromising on strength.


Used in outdoor sports and leisure materials, packaging materials, decoration materials, luggage, waterproof sports shoes, ski shoes, shoe cushions, ski windbreakers, outdoor tents, raincoats, waterproof caps, gloves, sports goods and other products, drinking water bags, car interiors , Medical supplies, etc,mesh pool fence.



Why Choose Nong Tai Sling Fabric?

  • Sling fabric can withstand weathering and keep the original appearance. Abrasion-resistant and long service life
  • The smooth surface can stain proof, and waterproof, dry quickly can easy to clean.
  • Extra requirements: high-level UV resistant, flame resistant, anti-mildew, antibacterial, non-toxicity
  • Our products are applicable to: outdoor furniture fabric, patio chair, beach chair, leisure chair, lounge, placemat, cushion, shade, construction safety nets, etc.


PP Placemat Characteristic:

Washable and reusable, environment-friendly material can be decomposed in nature after use.

PVC Placemat Characteristic:

Dry quickly can easy to clean. Unique cutting finish with the smooth cutting edge increasing the sense of texture.


PE Fabric Wall Covering

PE weave wall covering is made by environmental-friendly materials, which can be decomposed in nature after use.


Washable, static-free, dust prevention, antipollution, and fireproofing, which also perform well in nontoxic and insipidity material.

Solution-dyed Polyester

Nong Tai solution dyed polyester has excellent UV-resistance/colour fastness/water repellent that is the best selection for outdoor textiles/umbrella/shade.

Without the dying process can…

  • Energy savings
  • Reduced wastewater effluent and C02 emissions
  • Environmental-friendly


What are the merits of olefin fabric?

  • Good colour fastness
  • Resistance to staining, easy clean
  • Good sunlight-resistance
  • Dry quickly
  • Environmental-friendly

Olefin fabrics are applicable to:

Outdoor textiles, cushion, pillow, umbrella

Poly-print & Piece Dyed

  • Grey cloth materials: T-spun/polyester/spun-poly/spun-spun
  • Wide selection of colors and designs.
  • Lead time short
  • Affordable price
  • The Light-fastness of Nong Tai Print fabric can be 300-500hrs.

Knitted Fabric

Materials: PE, PP, cotton, linen, polyester, T/R (polyester & rayon blends)

Applicable to… shoe materials, bag materials, etc.